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Fue Hair Transplant Clinic London Kent Essex Surrey

Fue Hair Transplant Clinic at the Belvedere for people living in London Kent Essex & Surrey.

The Belvedere Clinic have been pioneering Hair transplant for over 35 years. The Belvedere clinic was one of the first to introduce Hair Tranplant to the UK in the early 1970’s.

The procedure has drastically improved since the 1970’s, the belvedere now carry out the procedure using a brand new technique called Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation (FUE). This procedure is now used worldwide with a big increase in Male Celebrities having this FUE Hair Transplant procedure with fantastic results. Celebrities like:- Kevin Cosner, Brendan Fraser, Mel Gibson, Sir Elton John, John Travolta, Gordon Ramsay, Nicolas Cage and many more….??? with lots of celebrities not revealing??

Mel Gibson Hair Transplant
Mel Gibson Hair Transplant

If you’re one of many people that has lost your hair, then there are a couple things that you should know. A huge percentage of men and women suffer from hair loss, and though no one wants to lose their hair, it can’t be prevented. However, no one really needs to suffer any longer with baldness, as there are plenty of solutions to this problem. The hair is the main factor that crowns your face, and without it, people tend to look different. Losing hair can cause you to lose confidence and self esteem, so before you lose that confidence, you should consider to get hair transplant surgery.

The Benefits To Having Hair Transplant Surgery

The main benefit to getting a hair transplant is that you will be able to build up your confidence again. Getting your hair back will really give you yourself esteem back, and the best part is that it happens to look very realistic. Balding most definitely isn’t a great process, so before you lose all of your hair, make sure that you get a hair transplant. Another benefit to getting a hair transplant is that you will no longer need to wear those annoying hats just to cover up your noticeable baldness. No one that’s balding never wants to admit that they are insecure with their baldness, but they always tend to cover it up with a hat. With a hair transplant, you will never need to wear a hat to cover up your insecurity.

How Much Does Hair Transplant Surgery Cost?

Hair transplant surgery happens to be very affordable considering the fact that you will be able to regain your hair back. The price of the procedure all varies on certain things like the amount of hair that has been lost, how long you want the hair to be.

THE BELVEDERE CLINIC PRICES START FROM £5,500 for a graft of 3,000 Units of hair hair-transplant Clinic London Kent Essex Surrey

Is It Really Safe To Get Hair Transplant Surgery?

There are risks when it comes to getting hair transplant surgery, but the risks definitely don’t outweigh the benefits to getting one. There is a very slim chance that you could attain a skin infection from the surgery, but those risks are very slim. However, the possible skin infections that can occur happens to easily be treated. There really isn’t much to worry about because the hair transplant surgeon will tell you all about the possible risks in much more detail.

So basically, if you want to increase your self esteem and confidence, then it’s for your best interest to get hair transplant surgery. It’s affordable, safe, and really worth getting, as having no hair really isn’t something anyone should deal with.


If you are interested in Hair Transplant surgery and would like to book a consultation for an accurate price from our Hair transplant Clinic please contact our specialist team at:

 The Belvedere Clinic London – Kent on 0800 917 2959 or [email protected]

Or simply fill out our enquiry form to book a FREE NO-OBLIGATION consultation with one of our Hair Transplant UK Surgeons

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