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The Belvedere – A leading expert in Cosmetic Surgery & Breast Surgery for over 35 yrs and is one of the longest Established Cosmetic surgery clinics in the UK.




The procedure also includes:

* Please Note: 3D imaging is a 30-40 minute process and requires a separate appointment to your breast surgery consultation.


We only use high quality breast implants

Our implants are fully approved by the FDA and come with a life time guarantee


For our Pre-Breast Surgery Consultations

3D imaging utilised to help the patient visualise their potential Breasts.

The Belvedere can boast that they have carried out 35,000 procedures for breast surgery over the last 28 years


The aim of liposuction Surgery is to re-contour your body to produce a more proportioned and often aesthetically enhanced shape. The technique of liposuction Surgery has many applications and the range of procedures is available to both men and women. FIND OUT MORE ABOUT OUR LIPOSUCTION PROCEDURE

Women most frequently request liposuction Surgery to the hips, thighs and stomach. The most common area for men is the chest ‘Gynaecomastia’ and sides of the waist ‘love handles’.


Micro Power Assisted Liposuction

Brand New Procedure

The newest and most innovative method of liposuction is known as POWER-ASSISTED LIPOSUCTION (PAL).
Treatment areas are: ✓ Abdomen ✓ Chin ✓ Flanks ✓ Back ✓ Arms ✓ Hips ✓ Buttocks ✓ Thighs ✓ Knees

The Belvedere Clinic – Established Since 1985

Personalised patient care is what sets the Belvedere clinic apart.

Why Choose The Belvedere Clinic?

At the Belvedere Clinic we have our own private hospital which is fully regulated and stands in its own private grounds unlike many of our competitors who simply rent facilities.  This means we are able to retain quality of care and give an exceptional service. 

All our consultations are free and we give you an in depth assessment with our fully qualified consultant cosmetic surgeons.  In our consultation rooms you have the added luxury of our 3D Imaging system which can show you your before and after look prior to your surgery.  You will have your own personal patient co-ordinator, not a sales person, who will support you from your initial consultation through to post operative appointments.


We believe we have one of the largest operating theatres in the country and ours is one of the most technologically advanced operating theatres available today.  We have separate anaesthetic rooms with adjacent recovery suites and all our personnel are at a very senior level with years of theatre and quality of care experience. We have a state of the art air handling unit which changes the air on numerous occasions hourly, ensuring that our patients do not get infections.

All our clients upon request have the opportunity to be shown around our facilities including the theatre suite and hospital rooms prior to consultation.  During your stay you have your own room with your own TV and en-suite bathroom. 

The Belvedere Clinic is at the forefront of the cosmetic surgery industry and our aims are to give you the surgery you require and your new look with all the comfort that goes with it.


The Belvedere Private Hospital is operated by Pemberdeen Laser and Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Ltd. The hospital provides cosmetic surgery, mainly breast augmentation, but also abdominoplasty, blepharoplasty and liposuction. We inspected surgery services only.

We inspected this service as a follow up to review the action plan developed following our previous inspection in November 2016. We carried out the unannounced inspection on 27 April 2018.

The key questions we asked during this focused unannounced inspection were, was it ‘Safe, Effective and Responsive’ in surgery?

The hospital has had a registered manager in post since 20 May 2015. We did not rate this service during the previous inspection. This inspection took please to review concerns identified during the previous inspection in November 2016 and review actions taken by the service.

We found the following areas of good practice:

• Incidents were being reviewed by the medical advisory committee and agreed learning was being decimated.

• Data was being collected on surgical site infections and they were being reviewed when required.

• Post-operative follow up appointment patient notes were now being completed.

• Training had been completed for safeguarding children level 3, immediate life support and cultural needs.

• Emergency medicines were being audited and expiry dates were being checked.

• Pregnancy status for all women between 18 and 55 years old was being checked at pre-operative assessments.

• Patient’s pain scores were being documented and analgesia given if required.

• Learning from complaints was now a standing item on the agenda of the medical advisory committee.


Amanda Stanford – Deputy Chief Inspector of Hospitals

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Pre and Post operation care provided by qualified and compassionate nursing staff in our own hospital

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Cosmetic Procedures

Belvedere carry out various cosmetic procedures for your body and face

Breast Surgery

Cosmetic surgery for women

We offer a variety of breast related surgical procedures for women including; breast enlargement, breast reduction, breast uplift and nipple correction.

Male Surgery

Cosmetic surgery for men

Belvedere offer exclusive treatments for men, Hair Transplant for hair loss, Male Breast Reduction ( Gynaecomastia ) and Pectoral Implants along with many more

Facial Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery for the face

Nose reshaping (Rhinoplasty) we also offer eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty), eye bag removal, brow lift, ear correction (Otoplasty), face and neck lift procedures.

Body Surgery

Cosmetic surgery for the body

The Belvedere Clinic offers a variety of fat removal procedures for the body including liposuction , Vaser Lipo, tummy tuck, gastric banding arm lifts, thigh and buttock lifts.

Non-Surgical Procedures & Anti-Wrinkle Treatments

Belvedere carry out various non-surgical treatments for your body, skin, face & teeth. Our anti-ageing techniques help to enhance the beauty of your skin by eliminating lines and wrinkles making your skin look younger and healthier?

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry at the Belvedere Clinic

We offer a variety of cosmetic dentistry procedures including; veneers & implants, invisible braces, white fillings & teeth whitening.

Dermal Fillers

Non-Surgical Facelift Treatments

The Belvedere Clinic offer exclusive injectable treatments to combat the signs of aging using the approved top brands of hyaluronic acid injections available

Line & Wrinkle Treatment

Anti wrinkle Injections for the face

Safe and approved top branded Toxin injections to combat facial lines and wrinkles. Results are fully evident within one week after treatment.

Body Surgery

Cosmetic surgery for the body

The Belvedere Clinic offers a variety of fat removal procedures ( liposuction ) including tummy tuck, arm lifts, thigh and buttock lifts. Gastric Banding for weightloss